Congress responsible for terrorism in Punjab, says Arun Jaitley


Union minister Arun Jaitley on Sunday blamed Congress for the rise of terrorism during the 80s in Punjab and said it was the alliance forged between the SAD and BJP which provided a healing touch to the people of Punjab.The Congress fought the 1984 elections on the plank of communalism, Jaitley alleged, adding that the party pitted the people of Punjab against one another.“The state’s public was made to suffer for 10 to 12 years, thousands were killed and living a normal life had become impossible,” he said at a gathering in Amritsar.“After terrorism came to an end in the ...

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An Open Letter to all those Talking about Terrorism


People all over the world are basically looking for two things in an uncomfortable situation- SOMEONE TO BLAME and HOPE.With terrorism on the rise and anti terrorist activities on the decline, people are resorting to everything possible to convince themselves that there is a simple solution to all of it. Is blaming a particular religion the solution to all the problems emerging in the world today? Does it even make sense to debate over whether or not everyone following a religion is the same? Heck, 2 people born out of the same womb could be as different as humanly possible. ...

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An Open Letter to the Guy who got tired waiting for me


I left for a reason, I will come back for a reason. The reason is always you.Months passed and we are away from each other Seconds away from you felt like forever But the fact that you are waiting for me made me feel better I can't wait for the day that we will again, be together.But you got tired of waiting -- Started from a day without even texting or chatting There came a time when you even got tired of showing... The feeling of love that we are once sharing.I thought it is okay, That everything will be ...

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An open letter to the society that drew my boundaries


I am sorry, I couldn't be the "perfect girl" my relatives kept chattering about.I am sorry, I never understood how speaking with a low voice made you an ethical girl and how raising your voice for what you thought was right made you licentious.I am sorry, for I aspired to become a writer in a society that considered only doctors worth respecting.I am sorry, I decided to have my own voice and not let the world have a control on my tongue.I am sorry, I couldn't handle the idea of men being obviously superior to women; for I was raised ...

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Can a true Indian maintain close ties with Pakistan?


Dear Mr. Bajwa,I am taking the liberty to write to you as a citizen of India, above and beyond any political affiliation that I may have. I seek your attention as you are the esteemed member of Rajya Sabha, who is duty bound and under oath to tackle injustices and to provide relief to all subjects of the state in accordance to the laws of the land. Henceforth I’m seeking few answers sin contingency of new development or rather addition in Pakistan and are future in spirit of that.

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An Open Letter For Decluttering Our Selves


Oh Dear Weary Soul,You've seen days and nights, summers and winters, springs and autumns and you've survived them all.You've touched the skies and at times, bit the dust. You've protected yourself from your own ego, your worries and from everyone actually. You may have wanted to give up sometimes but you never quit. You've laughed and cried to yourself sometimes and yet you've always been the strong person that you are.Life has taught you some tough lessons that you should never forget. People came, stayed in your life and then some of them left. You've loved and cared for some ...

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